Where It All Started – The Boys Catering

The Boys Catering is a specialist catering company situated in the heart of Johannesburg. At the helm sits one Llewellyn Jacobsz, a Hotel School trained chef with more than 15 years of experience in the catering and hospitality industry. But what sets this company apart from the multitude of others who claim to be the best? Extravagant, flavourful, and exiting cuisine that leaves nothing to the imagination. A typical caterer is likely to provide ‘safe’ starter options such as spring rolls, escargot and breads. The Boys Catering will typically provide something more exotic, such as Thai fish cakes with a praline dipping sauce, coriander, chilli and ginger marinated prawns (pan fried and dressed with wasabi mayonnaise and finally garnished with fresh lemon thyme), and phyllo baskets filled with pinotage poached pear shaving and mascarpone cheese. The Boys Catering sees this as being far from over the top. They believe that in a world filled with humdrum events and monotonous lifestyles, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of elegance every now and again.

The Boys Catering

The Boys provide a range of services, from full four-course dinners to cold finger food and canapés, tea time delicacies and celebratory suppers. They provide across a range of events such as wedding catering and private functions, and include options such as vegetarian catering and halaal catering as well. As a company that believes in innovation and passion, almost any culinary ideas you might have can be brought to life. The Boys catering truly is a fresh catering company that aims to dazzle and provide every guest with a new taste experience.

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