Catering To Make A Difference

In large metropolitan cities like Johannesburg, it’s typical for competition to rife. Companies promise clients the world, but often don’t deliver on these promises. The catering industry is no different. This begs the question, ‘who does one trust to be the best’? Passion and experience are often the differentiating factors.

The Boys Catering is run by a man who believes in passionate delivery and high quality service. Coupled with 15 years of experience and a Hotel School education, Llewellyn Jacobsz and his team are expert providers of luxury cuisine. Where some catering companies are happy to settle for ‘safe’ basics, The Boys Catering opts for flair and panache. Instead of providing standard desserts such as ice-cream, pancakes and fruits, The Boys would typically offer New York Red Velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese icing, mini Pavlova baskets filled pink custard cream topped with sugared strawberry and sprinkled with gold dust, and fresh fruit skewers drizzled with rose water. While some might find this finicky and somewhat over the top, the point that The Boys Catering makes is that everybody should be able to enjoy the finer things in life. And why not? Usually the determining factor is price. Yet once again Llewellyn Jacobsz and his troupe surprises. With a true show of humanity and a disregard for overcharging due to experience and class, The Boys Catering provides their five-star service at extremely competitive rates.


They will organise your entire event including the hiring of crockery, tables, chairs and décor, and will provide a full bar service if required. Waiters will ensure that guests are served efficiently, and a wide variety of live entertainment can be arranged. From vegetarian catering to halaal catering, High Tea’s to large corporate functions, this really is catering for everyone.

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